Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sambath's enemies

A new feature length documentary that aims to break the silence from the people who committed atrocities in the name of the Khmer Rouge on their own people is to be shown at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in late January in the US. Enemies of the People - One man's journey to the heart of the killing fields is Thet Sambath's, a senior reporter with the Phnom Penh Post, quest to find out what really took place during the chaotic time when he lost his own family. For the documentary he co-produced and directed with Rob Lemkin, his investigative skills served him well to get close to many of the killers as well as Brother Number two, Nuon Chea, now waiting for his trial to start at the ECCC. It was one of 12 films selected out of 782 entrants for the world documentary section of the festival. Link: film website.

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