Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pushed for time

I have very limited time this morning before I return to Phnom Penh, my SEA Games experience over after Cambodia's failure to advance beyond the group stage in men's football. I leave my guesthouse for the airport at 8am courtesy of my friend Phalla, my flight is at 10.20am and I should arrive in Phnom Penh an hour or so later. I'll be sad to leave Laos and the SEA Games especially after enjoying some of the other sports yesterday, but I've had two weeks here and it's been fun, despite the eventual outcome. I had dinner with my two Thai friends Toong and Noina last night at the Spirit House, on the banks of the Mekong River, after they too were left to drown their sorrows, as they'd witnessed Thailand's remarkable exit from the football competition, losing in time added on to Malaysia. Now that was a result I didn't expect, I thought that Thailand were headed for the final, so it's good that the Games have thrown up a shock, rather than going according to plan. More later when I get time on my return to Phnom Penh.



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