Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pounding head

I didn't get up early enough to go and watch the sepak-takraw afterall. My head is pounding this morning and I'd like to get the stitches out sometime this morning. This afternoon's Group B football matches have been moved from just around the corner from me at Chao Anouvong, to the national stadium so that more fans can get to see the Laos v Singapore match. What a pain, it was perfect that I'd get to see two more football matches on my doorstep and then some bright spark moves both matches. Obviously the whole of Laos want to see the football team beat Singapore, but that's not taking into consideration my feelings at all. The problem with games at the national stadium is that I'd have to catch two buses to get out there (its 16kms outside of the city) and the games finish after the last bus returns to town - how's that for SEA Games co-ordination. There's no way I'm giving any custom to the rip-off tuk-tuk merchants, who are an absolute disgrace and run a mafia monopoly on the local transport with their ridiculously exorbitant pricing. As I've said before, there's no such thing as a convenient motodop here in Laos, so unless I want to pay through the nose for a taxi or a tuk-tuk, I'm a bit snookered.
I popped along to Mahosot Hospital just a few minutes ago to have my stitches removed by an obliging nurse. It cost me about $8 for the removal and tablets for my headache. The scar is pretty ugly right now, but with my face, its hard to tell the difference for anyone else!
On the medals board, Cambodia registered their 2nd bronze when 17 year old female Sorn Davin (pictured) got a second taekwondo bronze, in the middleweight division. She's the younger sister of the Cambodian national men's champion Sorn Elit and was in training with the rest of the taekwondo squad in South Korea prior to the Games. In the last SEA Games in Khorat in 2007, Cambodia completed the competition with a medal tally of 2 golds, 5 silver and 11 bronze.



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