Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ouch Savy in person

Ouch Savy was at Meta House to see the film Mekong Delta Blues
I realised tonight that I hadn't visited Meta House, here in Phnom Penh, for quite a while, having been in Laos recently, so it was time to put that right. And what better way than to see a new documentary, that's still unfinished, by filmmaker Julien Poulson called Mekong Delta Blues. It's a 45 minute music road documentary about the chapei legend Kong Nay and his protege Ouch Savy, and their Womad tour to Australia and New Zealand. The director follows Kong Nay and Ouch Savy as they experience life down under with interviews and excerpts from their concerts and radio station interviews. Ouch Savy was in the audience to watch the film - I have yet to see her perform on the chapei in person - and Kong Boran, Kong Nay's son, provided some live music accompaniment on the chapei. I will be back at Meta House on Sunday for a contemporary dance presentation and video that follows on from the Look At Us Now performances in May of this year. There are also a couple of exhibitions on at the moment, at Reyum Gallery and at the Bophana Center that will get my personal attention in the next couple of days.
Kong Boran provides some live chapei musical accompaniment at Meta House

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