Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nurses unite

A lunchtime rendezvous with Noina (left) and Toong
Wednesday was pretty much a rest day for me. I had to file a match report from last night's game, get hold of Scott O'Donell for some after-match comments and watch the opening ceremony of the SEA Games on tv as trying to get in on my press card would've been nigh impossible. I also met a couple of ladies for lunch who I'd first met the night before at the Cambodia v Malaysia match. They are Toong and Noina, who hail from NE Thailand, Khon Kaen to be precise, and who are both qualified nurses. They had crossed the border for a look at the SEA Games for a few days, watched the football at Chao Anouvong and then attended the opening ceremony. They professed to being big fans of Scott O'Donell and have made me promise to send them some pictures of him. They also told me that my stitches should come out tomorrow as five days is the recommended length of time for facial stitching. I had dinner and a drink with my pal Phalla tonight and we saw them at a restaurant before they headed back to the hotel and an early morning date with the sport of sepak-takraw. If I get up early enough, I might just join them.



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