Sunday, December 20, 2009

Naga world

Welcome to Prasat Phimai, with an original lion and a copy sandstone naga
Now it's only a taster as I have a veritable stack of photos to post from my visit to the mainly 12th century Prasat Phimai, but here's some pictures from the naga bridge at the southern entrance of the temple to this Isaan, Thailand-based Khmer temple around which the modern city of Phimai has grown. The southern entrance is where the public arrive at the temple, cross the well-tended lawns and begin their visit. On my recent trip there, some of the staff from the temple's conservation team were at work on one of the naga's, which was a cement copy and can be easily distinquished from the original sandstone versions that are elsewhere on the bridge. Two well-preserved stone lions were alongside the nagas at the entranceway.
The conservation team at work on one of the naga placements
The head of a 12thC Phimai sandstone lion, with a replacement concrete jaw
Another view of the naga bridge that leads onto the southern gopura entrance
The entry to Prasat Phimai is across well cut greenery leading to the southern entrance

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