Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cambodia fail this time around

The WOVD Volleyball World Cup came to a conclusion yesterday and after looking odds on for a place in the final, Cambodia dropped to 4th place in the six-team standings after they came a cropper against Poland in the 3rd place play-off. It all went wrong for Cambodia against Germany in the last of their preliminary games, when they lost and never regained the momentum they'd established in their earlier matches, and it showed in their semi-final against Slovakia and yesterday's 3rd place match-up. Poland won 3-0 yesterday to claim the bronze medal, while as expected, Germany stormed through Slovakia to claim the World Cup itself, in the final that followed. I didn't go to the games yesterday after watching Cambodia, a shadow of their former selves, lose to Slovakia the night before, with the writing already on the wall. Coach Christian Zepp must take some of the blame for cutting his ponytail off - didn't he read the stories of Samson? Seriously, Cambodia will be gutted with their later performances in the competition and dropping down to 4th in the rankings after their heroics of 2007, after all the hype promoted by Chris Minko and his PR team.



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