Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Apologies to interviewees

A football coach's nightmare - me!
Tep Phany from the FFC caught me in mid-sentence whilst I was interviewing Cambodian football coach Scott O'Donell recently, and its definitely not a pretty sight. Apologies to Scott and anyone else who has to look at my ugly mug whilst I'm interviewing them.
Also here are photos of my SEA Games press pass, which is a effectively my ticket into all competition venues, every nook and cranny of the SEA Games. They incorrectly classified me as a photographer and they spelt the name of the Phnom Penh Post incorrectly, but hey, this is Laos and not everything (anything?) goes to plan. On that front, the buses to the venues that are loudly announced in the media handouts aren't running. And no-one knows when they will begin. And Vientiane is not like Phnom Penh, there's not a motodop on every corner, in fact there aren't any at all. I can either take an overpriced, money-grabbing tuk-tuk or a song thaw, though the latter can be hard to track down, to the media center or the Games Village, which are 5km (I reckon its about 10kms) and 12kms away respectively.
My SEA Games press ID card
A run-down of what access I have, which is pretty wide-ranging



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