Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome to the King's home

The iron gateway at the visitors entrance to the Royal Palace with the figure showing welcome and respect
This morning I took Now for her first-ever visit to the Royal Palace compound. The entrance fee was $6.25 for barang, free for Khmers, which I think is the type of dual-pricing system I like at national treasures like the home of the King. She enjoyed herself even though it was extremely hot and pretty crowded, and it was quite early, as we made it through the doors just after 8am. I won't post the most obvious photos just now, rather I'll concentrate on a few pictures I took that most people will ignore, especially of the wrought-iron gates into the Silver Pagoda area, which have the same design, showing a male figure with hands clasped together in a sampeah welcome. More photos to follow but I'm off to the football at Olympic Stadium very soon.
The wrought-iron gate at the visitors entrance, showing two figures
A small scale model of Angkor Wat sits behind the Silver Pagoda
Another sampeahing figure as you enter the Silver Pagoda compound from the Royal Palace
Much of the frescoes along the inner wall of the Silver Pagoda have been destroyed by time and weather. This is a scene depicting French landowners at court. The murals were originally painted in 1903.
This lady is wishing herself luck with water in the presence of the sacred Nandin bull. This is in the library next to the Silver Pagoda where fortune tellers read your fortune.
The welcome sampeah at the southern gate of the Silver Pagoda compound
Four reclining Buddhas in the Keong Preah Bath shrine which also houses a large Buddha footprint
The final welcome sampeah figure at the western entrance to the Silver Pagoda area

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Anonymous Tumnei said...

I admit that I did fail to see most of the views you posted here, even though I have been there for a couple of times. You are a sharp-eyed man. I will try to find them when I am there next time.

November 9, 2009 at 3:37 PM  

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