Monday, November 16, 2009

More from the Palace

A panorama of the Royal Palace grounds with the Throne Hall in the center
In rounding off my recent visit to the Royal Palace with Now, on one of her rare visits to the capital and her first time inside the Palace grounds, here are some more snaps for your viewing. Most visitors to the city take time to visit the RP so I'm probably not showing you anything that you haven't seen before. For those who've never been, this is what you can see. I'll round off my Silver Pagoda visit with a few more pictures very soon.
Now on the steps of the Throne Hall with the Chan Chhaya Pavilion in the background
The Chan Chhaya Pavilion, from where the monarch makes speeches on special occasions
The decorative pediment of the Throne Hall and the royal crest
Built in 1917 this was used for the King to mount his elephants - its called Hor Samran Phirun
The royal crest as seen on doors and windows throughout the Royal Palace
A display of royal regalia can be seen inside Hor Samrith Vimean, the Bronze Palace
The corner of the Napoleon III Pavilion and the Throne Hall behind
Now used for receptions, the Phochani Pavilion was originally a dance theater
Decorative frescoes are on the ceiling of the Phochani Pavilion, also home to many small birds
The Victory Gate is used by the monarch and important visitors only



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