Saturday, November 14, 2009

In the world

I'm not convinced that anyone really worries too much about the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings in football but they are always interesting to take a quick peeop at. In the current rankings, Cambodia lie in 171st place, one spot below Laos and one above Mongolia. The lack of national A team games means that we're treading water at the moment, the Under23 matches don't count. Regionally, Australia top the Asia Zone. Teams like Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar are well ahead of Cambodia. The five teams sitting immediately above us are Laos, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Chinese Taipei. The five teams immediately below us are Mongolia, Nepal, Palestine, Brunei Darussalam and Guam. Not exactly names to strike fear into the hearts of the countries who top the table. The top 3 in the world at the moment are Brazil, Spain and Netherlands. England are 7th behind Argentina and Germany. Grrrhh.

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