Friday, November 13, 2009

HAGL go through

The HAGL team that eased past Laos U23 and into tomorrow's final
The earlier match yesterday afternoon saw HAGL sweep aside a tired looking Laos U23 team with some ease and in the process go top of the BIDC league table with a better goal difference over Cambodia. The two sides now meet in Saturday's 6pm final. HAGL have now won their last two games with considerable ease and look a much different proposition than when Cambodia beat them 3-2 in the first game. Saturday's clash is sure to be an interesting one. I think HAGL underestimated the Cambodian's ability to fight back after they took a 2-nil lead last Sunday, and I don't expect them to fall into that trap again. In Evaldo Goncaves, they have one of the tournament's best players and its top scorer and he scored again against Laos. Skipper Doan Van Sakada opened the scoring on the stroke of halftime from a free-kick, Goncaves netted five minutes into the 2nd period and Ho Van Thuan got the third. Laos were never really in the hunt.
HAGL are definitely aiming high in the next V-League season and want to win the title. It all starts again at the end of January. The squad they have brought to Cambodia for the BIDC is missing a few of its stars, including their coach. They have 2 players each in the Vietnam and Thailand national teams, 4 players in the Vietnam U23s, 1 player training in the USA, and two of their stars didn't register for this tournament but have been out kicking balls on the pitch throughout the warm-ups. They are spending a lot of money to ensure they get success next season. Vissai Ninh Binh, who beat Cambodia 1-0 last night, are also not afraid to get the chequebook out for new players, and have 4 players not here as they are with the Vietnam national team preparing for an Asian Cup qualifying game. For a newly-promoted team to have 4 players in the national squad says something about their ambitions too. Vissai will play-off against Laos for the 3rd place match (and $5,000) at 3.30pm on Saturday. The Final, with a $20,000 reward for the winners, will be at 6pm between Cambodia and HAGL. Tell your friends.
The Laos team looked tired and uninspiring against HAGL
The HAGL capt Doan Van Sakada scored the opening goal, and won himself $200
HAGL's third goal was scored by baby-faced assassin Ho Van Thuan
Laos' best player by a country mile has been left winger Soukhavong Kaysone
To complete the set, this is Nguyen Thanh Son who scored the Vissai goal against Cambodia and won $200

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
some friends who traveled to Cambodia have recommended your blog as a source of useful information for anyone planning a trip to, or interested in Cambodian realities, only I didn't know it was soccer specific. I guess, they were referring to your travelogue series, is that correct? How can I access them? Thank you for your attention.
Best Regards, Lawrence McCarthy

November 13, 2009 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Hi Lawrence,
its only football influenced this week as there's a big football tournament going on in Phnom Penh, otherwise my blog is pretty eclectic. You'll have to trawl through the previous months to find anything that interests you from around Cambodia. There's a stack of stuff to be honest.
If you want to read my various travelogue reports from around Cambodia, go to my website at:


November 13, 2009 at 11:01 AM  

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