Saturday, November 28, 2009

Five minutes in Pakse

I'm in an internet cafe in Pakse but I have about five minute so can't post anything of much relevance. We left at 7.15am today and arrived in Pakse exactly 12 hours later after our overland journey alongside the Mekong River and across the border at Dong Kralor and onward to Pakse in Laos. The two countries couldn't have been more different. More on that when I have more than five minutes internet time. I'm in good nick, so are the Cambodian football team, with whom I've hitched a ride and who are looking after me like one of their own. We expect to reach Vientiane in the dark tomorrow night, so if I can get to an internet cafe I will post. If not, expect a flood of stuff on Monday. Bye for now.



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