Monday, November 2, 2009

All alone at Koh Yor

The deserted beach at Koh Yor, a few kms out of Koh Kong
All alone at Koh Yor beach, near Koh Kong
I've always loved beaches and the sound of the sea, especially locations where you find yourself virtually alone as Tim and I did on our recent trip to Koh Kong. A few kilometres over the main bridge out of Koh Kong town and then head south to Paklang commune and fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the deserted Koh Yor beach. Just how I like it. The wind was up, there was a slight drizzle in the air and the beach didn't look its best but it was devoid of people and the sound of the ocean, and the occasional seagull, was music to my ears. It's a long, narrow, secluded, white sandy beach with a couple of small seafood shacks including the family-run Crab Shack, though the recent rain had meant the locals would stay away until the weekend. And if I was a collector of sea-shells I would've had a field day, as the heavier seas had washed up literally thousands of shells of all shapes and sizes onto the beach, many of them I'd never seen before. The track behind the beach was waterlogged so the locals were using the beach as their pathway and a couple of families passed by on their way home. We didn't stop long, maybe half an hour, before we continued our exploration of Koh Kong and its surrounding area.
A secluded, narrow strip of sandy beach at Koh Yor
There was a hint of rain on the wind as we enjoyed the solitude at Koh YorAt the far end of the secluded and empty beach was the wooded headland
A couple of families walked by on bicycles as we rested in a hammock

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