Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weather update

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, here in Phnom Penh this morning. Last night the heavens opened and much of the city was under a deluge for over an hour, with the usual resultant flooded roads, but its all disappeared again today. Siem Reap isn't so lucky. The town is still under a half a metre of water after the river burst its banks. Access to the Angkor temples is okay though a few places between the temples have water on the road, but its not stopping anyone visiting the temples. The floating villages are okay to visit though the main road to Chong Kneas is under water and cut off, so an alternate route is being used. I've not heard any reports of crocodile attacks, so it seems that the escaped crocs have swum out to the lake, rather than hang about the town. Elsewhere, parts of northern Kompong Thom province are still recovering from severe storms, flooding and at least fifteen people have died. Ratanakiri has also felt the effects but it wasn't helped when Vietnam opened the gates of one of their dams and that added to the high water levels.
There's a book launch, On Trial, at Monument at 5pm this afternoon which I'll get along to now that the football season has finished and I'm twiddling my thumbs on Saturday afternoons. There's also a shadow puppet show at Chenla Theatre tonight but I don't think I can make it as I've been invited to an office party at 6pm.


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