Saturday, October 17, 2009

More later, recovery is slow

This is me, without hangover, at the mangrove swamps in Peam Krasaop in Koh Kong, a few days ago
Recovery (viz my headache) took longer than expected, hence the recent absence of blog posts. However, I'm at work this morning tying up a few loose ends and will post more later. Tim and myself have one more night in Phnom Penh before we head for Bangkok and then onto Isaan, the quiet and less-visited northeast region of Thailand. The Khmer temples are my target for a few days before Tim heads back to the UK and I return to the office at the end of next week. I just got a whiff of a story from last week's Cambodia Daily Weekend edition, but as I was in Koh Kong, I didn't hear about it until today. I'll wait to get a copy of the article before I can comment on the story - which was looking at the impact of foreign players on Cambodian football. One of my favourite topics.



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