Friday, October 9, 2009

In Koh Kong

We made it to Koh Kong, even though the Rith Mony bus left half an hour early this morning from Damkor market, broke down on the top of the Pich Nil Pass and it rained throughout. The road has already deteriorated quite badly in places so the driver sped up and slowed down constantly as pot-holes appeared in the rainswept windscreen. The road needs attention. We're staying in the Oasis Resort just outside of town where Jason, the owner, is a mine of information and a real nice guy. Its a pretty nice place, quiet bungalows with a pool and at a good price too. We took a moto - my driver was called Lucky - around town to get a feel for the place, which was interrupted by a couple of quick showers, so we called into Bob's Place for a chicken breast in breadcrumbs - very tasty. There were quite a few foreigners wandering around town too. This is just a quick update, more details and photos to follow once I get back to Phnom Penh.



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