Saturday, October 10, 2009

Border runnings

Just back to Oasis for an afternoon swim after a meat pie and chips at Fat Sam's in Koh Kong town. We were up this morning early doors to take a look at the Thai-Cambodian border at Cham Yeam with Jason from Oasis. I needed to get the low-down on the border crossing for business purposes and after Jason paved the way, we crossed over to the Thai side, wandered down to the small boat jetty, walked back over no-man's land and then had a look at the Koh Kong International heli-pad. After we were done, we carried on by moto with Lucky, who took us to a couple of pagodas and the Koh Yor beach on the way back into town. I'd heard a few bad words about Koh Kong before I arrived but everyone has gone out of their way to be friendly and accommodating, especially Jason and Sam. The weather has been overcast so far today but the pool looks inviting so I'll give it a whirl.
Had an hour in the pool and it was warm even with the rain falling. The weather got worse, the mountains were cloud-bound but Jason has a few stories to tell and with his pool-table, large dvd collection, high-speed internet access and drinks on tap, there's enough to wile away a few hours. Think I'll have red snapper for dinner.

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