Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Table of nations

If my dodgy tummy allows, I'll be at the Olympic Stadium this afternoon to watch the top 4 clash between Preah Khan and Khemara as the Cambodian Premier League reaches its final stages before the play-offs to decide the top 4 rankings. More later. I've just noticed that Cambodia, despite not playing any games, have moved up the FIFA World Rankings table in recent months and now lie in 173rd place, sandwiched between the might of Chinese Taipei and Samoa. 173rd out of FIFA's 207 national teams. Cambodia's best-ever FIFA ranking was 156th in July 1988. Our nearest neighbours, geographically-speaking, fare better: Thailand 117th, Vietnam 144th and Laos 171st. What does it all mean, bugger-all really as you can only beat the team in front of you, where they rank in a meaningless table of nations means jack.



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