Thursday, September 3, 2009

Greater Mekong exposed

So hot-off-the-press, the ink is still wet!
Whilst the Cambodia section is just 89 pages in length, the hot-off-the-press Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & the Greater Mekong (including Northern Thailand and Yunnan in China) guidebook from Lonely Planet, which will be published in a couple of weeks time, will be the most up to date guide on the bookshelves for this region. Priced at $24.99, 564 pages and now in its second edition, Nick Ray is the co-ordinating author, helped out on the Cambodia section by Daniel Robinson. It's not as exhaustive as the country-specific books for obvious reasons but it does a good job of collecting all the important stuff together so you only have to buy 1 guidebook on your tour of the Mekong area. My website gets a mention (wink) in the Cambodia section.

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