Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Final instalment

One of the Khmer Arts Ensemble's classical dancers
The hand fans add a splash of colour to this traditional dance
The final instalment of my photos from the rehearsal of the Khmer Arts Ensemble that I witnessed on Saturday morning at their Takhmau base. The company's version of the classic story Ream Eyso & Moni Mekhala will be performed at Chenla Theatre this coming Friday as part of the Lakhaon Festival. Let's hope that its easier to get in than it was Monday evening. The Khmer Arts headquarters is an open-sided theatre in a traditional design, a little akin to the Chan Chhaya Pavilion that fronts the Royal Palace.
Sophiline Cheam Shapiro helping one of her leading dancers
The photo shows the sampots worn by the dancers - the different colours denote male and female characters
The company line-up for their end of rehearsal bow
Time for a rest before the girls introduced themselves individually
A Q&A after the performance allowed the dancers and the audience to speak
Sophiline introduces the company's master teacher Penh Yom
The pinpeat orchestra led by music teachers Meas Saem and Ros Sokun
Welcome to Khmer Arts Academy in Takhmau
The imposing background to the rehearsal venue at Takhmau



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