Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wall-to-wall football

At least referee Tuy Vichheka got the toss-up right, as for the rest of his performance - "no comment"
Last night was wall-to-wall live Barclays Premier League action on the tv, so no time to post the Cambodian Premier League results from yesterday afternoon. As it turned out, it was pretty tame stuff with the CPL Super 4 places already booked and the league action petering out as the regular season comes to a spluttering end. That's exactly why I don't like this Super 4 play-off, scheduled for 12 and 26 September. The CPL championship should be decided over the course of the league competition, not some knock-out mini-tournament but it isn't in my power to do anything about it, so I'll stop whining. As for yesterday, Khemara, who had 12 fit players and were without their injured talisman Kouch Sokumpheak, surprised me by beating Naga 2-0 with some degree of comfort. Joel Omoraka and Oladiji Olatunde netted for Khemara but it was referee Tuy Vichheka who got up my nose. 6 bookings and 2 red cards from a game that could hardly be called fiery, tepid even. He was trying too hard to impose himself and whilst Joel Omoraka's red was for an off the ball incident, Friday Nwakuna's dismissal was quite simply a joke, and the referee's way of evening up the numbers. I wasn't impressed. Khemara leapfrogged Naga into 3rd spot. In the follow-on game, 2nd-placed Preah Khan swatted aside BBU 3-1 and with some ease, fielding an all-Khmer starting line-up. Teenage winger Prak Mony Udom was the pick for PKR and though he didn't score, he did liven the game up considerably. Without his presence, I might've fallen asleep [which isn't unknown]. Sam El Nasa (pen), Tum Saray and Kao Kiry for PKR and BBU's Augustine Ogbni found the net. 2nd whine of the day - if the referee's are going to grab the spotlight at these matches [what happened to the man in black who we never ever noticed], then why don't they crack down on the epidemic of play-acting and screaming when tackled that I have to witness every week. That's one area where yellows and reds would be very welcome from my perspective, and the best way to drum it home to every team that football is a man's game, and not for sissies [he says in his best macho deep voice].
The Khemara line-up that defeated Naga Corp 2-0 and have never lost against them
Hero and villain, Khemara's Joel Omoraka scored the opener and was then sent off before half-time
The all-Khmer starting line-up for 2nd placed Preah Khan Reach, 3-1 winners against BBU
Whilst the football was taking place outside, inside the annual Bokator championships were underway



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Andy, I really support your opinion, don't like CPL to have play off stage. I think maybe FFC decide to do sth through only one person. I don't the election too, why no one vote H.E Khek Ravy as a vice president of FFC, he should be. He is the vice president of AFF. only my opinion.
from Neang, Cambodia and PPC FC fan.

August 30, 2009 at 6:31 PM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Hi Neang,
well the FFC have made their decision about the CPL league play-offs so we'll have to see how they pan out. I just prefer the idea of a league championship being decided over the course of a whole season.
The absence of Khek Ravy as VP is interesting. We can sometimes read a lot, maybe too much into such decisions as this. Yes it could be a political move by the Federation to oust Khek Ravy (who was formerly the President) or it could simply be a set of circumstances that has seen him leave the FFC VP position and also not be on the executive committee. He has invaluable experience with the FFC and other bodies such as AFC and FIFA, so losing that know-how of bhow things work, etc could be damaging to the FFC. It needs people like Khek Ravy to remain within the FFC structure to give it valuable help as the current incarnation of the FFC is still in its infancy when compared to other football associations in Asia.

August 31, 2009 at 10:30 AM  

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