Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Floating tented villas

Just met with Valentin Pawlik, the man behind the new 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge that he's building in the lee of the Cardamom Mountains, on the Tatai River, 20kms from Koh Kong city, on the southwest coast of Cambodia. Its a unique and futuristic accommodation development for Cambodia and should be open in November. 18 luxury safari-tented villas will be on floating platforms alongwith a floating swimming pool and restaurant, on the bend of the river, three kilometres from Tatai village. Away from it all and surrounded by nature will be the theme. It's also just fifty kms from Chi Phat and the Wildlife Alliance eco-tourism project there so worth considering combining a trip to the natural attractions at Chi Phat with a stopover at 4 Rivers once it's up and running. Construction is underway, the platforms will be pieced together soon and the tents are due to arrive next month. The local populace at Tatai village will be building and manning the resort. Visit their website here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

neat stuff. It's exciting to see this. It's like Cambodia is revisiting its colonial past with the French colonial style tourist spots like this. I like how some foreign investors choose to renovate the old French colonial buildings instead of opting for a modern styled one. Now that retro style is back, it's cool to see newly renovated French colonial style buildings around Phnom Penh.

If someone come up with an idea to like preserve a block or two of the city and restore in its original form, that could be like an attraction spot, too. I'm sure many people would love that. It's like a museum in the street.

I got lot of ideas that don't necessarily mean good business but they sound pretty interesting, I think haha. Now just got to find myself some bored big time CEO that doesn't have anything better to do with his money. lol

August 4, 2009 at 5:53 PM  

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