Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time for a curry

Leading by example, Phnom Penh Crown skipper Chan Rithy scored twice in their 3-0 win
Sunday's Cambodian Premier league football results to follow. I'm just out the door to get a chicken curry ready for tonight's Barclays football live on the tv. ESPN does British football proud with wall-to-wall live matches over here. One sad detail of this afternoon: there was a commotion halfway through the 2nd game when gunshots were heard in the car park behind the main grandstand, but this is Cambodia afterall and gunshots and gun-related crime are a constant factor in society here. More needs to be done by the authorities to cut down on the easy accessibility of weapons for sure.
Back to the football. In a bottom of the table clash, Build Bright spanked Phuchung Neak 3-1 though the already relegated side put up a spunky fight. Ek Vannak, Oum Chandara and Augustine Ogbni netted for BBU, with the Navy team getting a late consolation penalty through Wilson Mene. BBU lost defender Rim Bunheang to a red card too. For the league leaders Phnom Penh Crown, who made changes and brought in some of their squad players to start the game, it was business as usual, beating Kirivong 3-o, though they rarely got into 2nd gear. Stand-in skipper Chan Rithy scored twice, the first a header and the second, an unstoppable volley, with sub Chan Chhaya getting the third. The win takes Crown five points clear of 2nd placed Preah Khan Reach, who have two games in hand.
The league leaders Phnom Penh Crown beat Kirivong 3-0 at a canter this afternoon
BBU youngster Ek Vannak netted their first goal in today's 3-1 success
I'm still waiting to hear the make-up of the Cambodian U-23 team, which coach Scott O'Donell has selected but is waiting for a press conference to make the formal announcement. We are still 3+ months away from the SEA Games in Laos where the squad will represent Cambodia in the football competition, one of the 25+ disciplines to be fought over. One of the team's best players would've been striker Khim Borey, who has played for the national team for the last couple of years but has been missing for the majority of this season with a mysterious ankle injury. His team, National Defense have at last got him some proper treatment by sending him to Vietnam for a scan on his injury and he might still have time to come into O'Donell's selection thoughts, despite missing the weekly sessions the squad have already had together. They will get together full-time once the CPL season finishes at the end of September, with a game already lined-up at Olympic on Sunday 27 September against Singapore U-23s.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh gunshots. Haven't heard one in a while. Andy, you've been in Cambodia since the 90's days, a few gun shot here and there is nothing nowadays, right? Phnom Penh wasn't called the wild wild west of the east for nothing lol. I knew many of those gunslingers. Unfortunately, the saying you die by what you're good at is pretty true with many of them.

August 16, 2009 at 8:02 PM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Its a sad fact that there are too many guns in Cambodia, full stop. They are too easy to get hold of despite some recent gun amnesties where guns have been handed in or collected and destroyed. Gun crime is also prevalent here too, as well as being far too common to settle personal disputes and problems.
It isn't something to be flippant about and I sincerely hope that there is a commitment from the authorities to find ways to cut down on the guns available as living amongst the easy accessibility of guns is a real concern to Cambodia's citizens.

August 17, 2009 at 12:40 AM  
Blogger nicksmename said...

did you hear the shots? i was leaving just as everybody was running over to see. i went over with caution, no idea what was going on, the thought crossed my mind but i had not heard anything while exiting the stadium. what i saw was a guy with a white pole chasing somebody and the green police came over and found a large cutting knife. Then walked around a little doing some investigations??

there are couple of photos in the usual place.

August 17, 2009 at 3:51 AM  
Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

Hi Nick,
I heard a loud bang that echoed around the grandstand and was then told it was a gunshot in the carpark area directly behind the grandstand - which is usually awash with men playing numerous games of football around that time. I didn't go and look as I was watching the game but it seemed that nearly everyone in the stand thought they'd pop over to the corner and take a gander. When I hear gunshots I keep my head down and wait to read about it in the newspaper the next day!

August 17, 2009 at 9:10 AM  

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