Friday, August 14, 2009

Better late than never

The two captains lead out Khemara Keila (red) and Phnom Penh Crown (blue). And yes the officials had to walk around me.
Blogger seems to have relented and I can now post photos again. But for how long? Now that I'm playing catch-up, here are the pictures from Wednesday afternoon's Cambodian Premier League football at the Olympic Stadium. The captions say it all and you can find the report from the game here.
Back to the top of the CPL, Phnom Penh Crown looking very unified in their pre-match pose
I quite like the disorganised team photos, much more interesting that the posed ones. This is Khemara Keila trying to sort themselves out.
Nice to see the referee straddling the center line for the toss-up on what is looking a threadbare pitch
An unlikely hero. Thong Udom is a center-half for the Defense team and an U-19 national player but his goalscoring instincts saw MND grab a late equaliser.
The Spark FC line-up who led 2-nil with two goals from the Prince, but were pegged back
The never-say-die attitude of the Ministry of National Defense team earned them a draw. These are the guys we want on the front-line at Preah Vihear.
Post-match interviews for Rang Borin, the Defense skipper (15) who doesn't look too pleased, and Op Sam Ath, the team coach



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