Friday, August 14, 2009

30 Years for a Trial

Phnom Savoeun (Battambang). 20/01/2008: Phnom Savoeun cave.
About 2000 people were killed here by the Khmer Rouge and thrown in the cave between 1975 and 1979. The pagoda was used as a prison. Today the building is used as a pagoda again. Photo courtesy of John Vink.
Photographer John Vink can be found at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal most days. A visit to his website will confirm that. So it's fitting that his next exhibition, starting 20 August and lasting thru til 6 September at the Chinese House on Sisowath Quay, is entitled, 30 Years for a Trial. There's a reception at 7pm on the 20th and the exhibition is set to include Vink's photographs of places, memories, and ongoings of the tribunal. Since moving here in 2000, Vink has concentrated on social and land issues all over Cambodia, focusing most recently on events at the ECCC. Visit his website here and make sure you visit the exhibition too.

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