Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the set

Smith as Sean and Maguire as Dana get stopped at a roadblock
It looks like location filming in Kampot will be finished this week for the Sean Flynn and Dana Stone-inspired movie The Road to Freedom. Under the control of baby-faced director Brendan Moriarty, who used to live in Kampot, filming is ahead of schedule, with the fictional movie slated for completion early in 2010. With Joshua Fredric Smith as Sean and Scott Maguire as Dana, the film has two quality lead actors out front, supported by experienced actor/producer Tom Proctor. Flynn and Stone, like many of their photojournalist friends at the time, took one risk too many and disappeared in 1970, captured by Khmer Rouge forces. It's a story that has captured the imagination of many, particularly as Flynn was the son of his illustrious father Errol Flynn, and was an actor himself before turning his back on Hollywood to cover the war in Cambodia. Here's a couple of photos from the set of The Road to Freedom, which used locations both inside and outside the town of Kampot. Follow the film's progress here.
Director Brendan Moriarty with real Cambodian army extras at a roadblock

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