Monday, July 13, 2009

No more football

I was going to have a few days without mentioning football at the behest of my readers who get turned off by my coverage, but seeing that have ripped off my recent article in the Phnom Penh Post about Cambodia's new football coach, Scott O'Donell and his backroom team, and given me no credit at all, makes my blood boil - well, that's an exaggeration, it's a little more than lukewarm. Their report is a little stale as it's been a couple of weeks since my 1 July article in the Post but still, a name credit would've been appropriate. I've fired off an email to their editor. I wouldn't dream of using anyone else's work without at the very least giving them a namecheck. And if you find an occasion when I have, please let me know, and I'll hang my head in shame.
There should be some interesting coverage of the Khmer Rouge tribunal this week, when at least two former members of staff at S-21 are expected to give evidence. They will include prison guard Him Houy and the former deputy chief to Duch at S-21 Mam Nay (alias Chan, pictured right; pic CNN), who must've been close to being indicted himself. He served as chief interrogator at Tuol Sleng before the Vietnamese arrived and has since been living in the Pailin region. In an interview he gave to l’Express in 2002, he declared that he had no regrets for his actions. KR expert Stephen Heder said of Mam Nay; 'His signature is on scores of documents detailing the torture of political opponents. He is implicated in hands-on torture and execution and would almost certainly be convicted in any international tribunal.' A list of 34 prospective witnesses are due to appear before the end of August, including eminent historian David Chandler, who is scheduled to be an expert witness early next month.
Finally, in a study of the global hotel industry, the French came out on top, or is that bottom, as the world's worst tourists. The Froggies were least open to new languages, ranked last for generosity and readiness to tip, and next to last for their overall attitude. I will say no more. The best of the bunch were Japanese tourists, though I'm sure the Brits must've been a close second [wink].

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