Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tied up

The attendees at the Hanuman tour guide session in Siem Reap today
I arrived in Siem Reap last night, under cover of darkness and rain. Looked in on my pal Eric de Vries at his 4Faces gallery, which I can assure you is well worth a visit. Today I am spending the whole day with our top 15 Hanuman tour guides on a training day, so will be out of the blog loop until tomorrow.
Actually I'm still in the blog loop...we enjoyed a very successful day with fifteen of our top Siem Reap tour guides and two from Phnom Penh. The whole day was spent discussing and debating various facets of tour guiding, getting their buy-in and input on a range of topics and tonight, in about an hour we will go out and cement the bond with a social evening together at a local restaurant. Tomorrow I have some training to complete with our office team here in Siem Reap and then I should have some free-time in the afternoon to meet some friends. I don't get to Siem Reap all that often, so there's a queue of people I need to catch up with.



Blogger Andy Brouwer said...

It's 1.30am and I've just got in after our night on the tiles with the Hanuman crew. Well night on the tiles is a slight exaggeration, we went to two beer restaurants where I had my first glass of beer in about 30-odd years. I didn't like it back then and I still don't like it. I've simply never got the taste for it like everyone else seems to have. We had a great time, everyone got on like a house on fire and we all said we must do this again in a few months time. As a bonding session it worked like clockwork. And I think I was the only one who remained sober, including those who had to drive cars and motos back home. I got a lift back with the obliging Anchor beer girl who felt sorry for me and delivered me to my hotel door, what a lovely gesture. She was a big Preap Sovath fan and took a shine to me after I showed her a photo of the man himself with me taken at Cafe Fresco a while back. I must admit it never fails to impress the ladies, and every lady is a Preap Sovath fan :-)

June 5, 2009 at 1:29 AM  

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