Friday, June 19, 2009

Freedom in Kampot

I recently mentioned that the film The Road to Freedom is being shot in Cambodia at the moment and the film's publicity team have generously invited me to attend their shooting schedule in Kampot next week. I'm snowed under at work so won't be able to make it, but I appreciate the gesture. The film, made under the direction of Brendan Moriarty (pictured), is based on real events that took place in the early 1970s as the Khmer Rouge began their domination over the Cambodian countryside. Whilst the towns and cities remained under Lon Nol control until 1975, much of the rural landscape was under KR rule long before then. In the movie, the fictional characters of Sean and Dana are drawn from the stories of many photojournalists who went missing in the early 70s, while the fictional character of Francais is a composite of French photojournalists of the time period. Brendan Moriarty has already spent eleven years living in Cambodia, including living in Kampot and has previously worked on films like City of Ghosts, Middle Men, Man Eater, Lioness and more. He's obtained first-hand accounts from many survivors of Khmer Rouge prison camps, and has built a set to re-enact one of those experiences. More info on the film as I get it though you can keep up to date yourself at their website, blog and on Facebook.

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