Friday, May 1, 2009

Signed Pulse

Steel Pulse 1979. LtoR: Phonso Martin, Grizzly Nisbett, David Hinds, Ronnie McQueen, Selwyn Brown, Basil Gabbidon
This is a Steel Pulse publicity photo produced by Island Records in April 1979 and signed by each member of the band at the time. Michael Riley had left a few months earlier so the band was now down to six members. To many fans, this is the Steel Pulse line-up that produced some of the band's best work on their first and second albums. For me, the band have consistently produced fantastic music throughout their 30+ years in the business. This signed photo is one of my prized items of memorabilia. I heard from Selwyn this morning, alongwith David Hinds, he is one of two original members still with the band, that they are off to the United States this week to play a few shows and to record some tracks for their new album. No more gen on the album as yet, but when I hear, so will you.



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