Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The lovely Kim Fay

Kim Fay and yours truly at Frizz restaurant tonight
It was a real pleasure to meet Kim Fay in person for the first time this week. Kim is the editor of the original To Asia With Love guidebook that was published in 2004 and in which she included a few of my articles. When ThingsAsian Press decided to do a series of country-specific books, Kim asked me to edit the Cambodia version, which I am currently in the middle of. It is called To Cambodia With Love and is scheduled for publication in 2010. Kim, accompanied by fellow author Janet Brown whose book Deaf in Bangkok was recently published, was on a brief holiday visit after a stint working in Bangkok, before she returns home to Los Angeles. She's currently penning a book called In Yellow Babylon so a trip over the last few days to Kratie and along the Mekong River was part holiday/part research for her historical novel that is very close to completion. She edited the first of the country-specific books in the With Love series, on Vietnam, which recently became available online and in bookshops. She also happens to be a very lovely lady, with a great sense of humour and between her, Janet and myself, we sampled the Cambodian cuisine at Frizz restaurant, talking about books and just about everything else under the sun. A very pleasant evening indeed, and as any writer knows, it's a good thing to keep on the right side of your editor.

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Blogger Ric and Sharon Bruce said...

Andy, very nice. I have "To Asia With Love" and have really enjoyed it.

May 6, 2009 at 5:51 AM  

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