Thursday, May 21, 2009

A look at Gopura III

The causeway looking south towards Gopura III is 152 metres in length
The causeway you see above connects Gopura IV with the 3rd Gopura, is 152 metres in length and should have 35 pairs of boundary stones, but practically all are missing. Where are they? Its a mystery. To the left of the causeway is another small rectangular pond, where army families camped nearby take their water. As you approach Gopura III, you'll see that its the largest and widest part of Preah Vihear temple, with long lateral halls on both flanks. Inside the gopura, the lintels and pediments are amongst the temple's best preserved and well worth seeking out in the various nooks and crannies.
The deep rectangular pond next to the causeway and an army bunker
A look back down the causeway to Gopura IV in the distance
The northern entrance to Gopura III
The top pediment shows Krishna lifting Mount Govardhana, while Vishnu on Garuda above a kala head is the main feature of the lintel
An example of the baluster windows covered in white lichen
The lintel doesn't show a love scene as you may think, instead its Shiva in mortal combat with Arjuna
A collapsed hall on the right side of the southern face of Gopura III



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