Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A thriller at Monument

Thriller writer Tim Hallinan in signing-mode with the blog author
The reason I was late in the door tonight was because I attended a book-signing and reading at Monument Books by thriller writer Tim Hallinan, better known for his Bangkok-based books, though he resides in Phnom Penh for part of each year, as he says it's where he can write without distractions. Los Angeles and Bangkok are where he calls home but Phnom Penh has a special attraction for him as well. His latest book in the Poke Rafferty series, Breathing Water won't be released until August, so it was from his second book, The Fourth Watcher, that he read an extract to the audience at Monument. His first book, which I bought, is called A Nail Through The Heart and features a Khmer Rouge baddie. It was fascinating to hear about Thailand through Hallinan's eyes as he spoke about this particular series and was not joking when he said Breathing Water may signal his departure from the country if the authorities decide he's gone too close to the knuckle. A writer's workshop that Hallinan will hold at ACE in a couple of days should be a very interesting event as he certainly has a clear view of his own style and talent and an easy-going way of describing it. Roll on Thursday. Link: website.
Another signed copy by Tim Hallinan to a satisfied customer



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