Monday, April 13, 2009

Smothering Burma in love

Cover of To Myanmar With Love
The second book in the To Asia With Love series is being published this month by ThingsAsian Press of San Francisco and it looks like it'll be a scorcher. Already To Vietnam With Love by the series editor Kim Fay is in the bookshops, and now a window into the often secret and murky world of Myanmar (or Burma to most of us) comes in the shape of To Myanmar With Love, its 275 pages edited by Morgan Edwardson and with photographs by Phnom Penh-based lensman Steve Goodman. Morgan, who lives in Bangkok and makes regular trips to Burma, has assembled a great team of local and expat writers to provide a unique insight into dining, shopping, sightseeing and culture in a country they know intimately. I'm firmly in the 'go and visit Burma' camp and so this book will be priceless when I get around to satisfying my Burma curiosity. And of course, To Cambodia With Love is still in oven, actually it's at the editing stage and looking likely for an early 2010 release.

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