Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friend's weekend

Now, enjoying an iced-coffee at Corner 33 in her quick-fire visit to Phnom Penh
It's been a bit hectic, as usual, this weekend with a couple of friends coming to stay at Brouwer Towers, hot on the heels of my brother Tim who returned to England last week, and now finds himself in South Africa. That man has ants in his pants. First it was Vy from Sihanoukville, in town for a day to get her visa to visit France, who called in my good pal Sophoin as her room partner. Next it was Now, my souvenir seller friend from Angkor Wat who was making only her second-ever trip to Phnom Penh, and she secured the services of her cousin Han, as her room buddie. Both girls are single, so it was only right that they should maintain their honour by calling in chaperones. It was a case of firsts for Now, who enjoyed her first-ever Indian meal at Mount Everest, chomped on her first burger at Lucky Burger and made her debut playing pool at the Red Orchid. Although she's in her late twenties, she spends nearly 365 days a year selling at Angkor Wat, as tourists never take a break, hence her series of firsts. She's back to Siem Reap early Monday ready for the Khmer New Year onslaught.
And a photo of myself, looking almost human after recent health problems


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