Monday, April 20, 2009

Cloud cuckoo land

I hear that my least-favourite former Khmer Rouge cadre, Nhem En, has made the national press again today. His public relations office works as hard as that of Dengue Fever! This time he's offering a pair of Pol Pot's shoes and two of his own cameras, that he used to take pictures of the prisoners upon entry to Tuol Sleng, for no less than a cool 1/2 million dollars. Yes, US$500,000. He really does live in cloud cuckoo land. He's trying to raise funds for his own museum in the northern outpost of Anlong Veng, where he's the deputy governor. His museum will house his pictures of course, as well as a walking stick owned by Ta Mok, Pol Pot's toilet and the tyres used on his funeral pyre and a rice field - so far I'm not busting a gut to get to the musem. I think he needs to jazz that bit of the story up a bit more. His for-sale items will more than likely end up on eBay soon enough, and for a knockdown price, or for free, which is what usually happens when he attempts to sell anything, whether it be a photo or information. I was told once upon a time that a certain Khmer Rouge photographer could give me the inside story on the Christopher Howes murder (a British deminer killed by the Khmer Rouge in 1996) for the right price - I steered well clear.

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