Friday, March 6, 2009

Medical bulletin

Primarily for family and friends, I saw the skin man this morning and he said I have a severe case of discoid dermatitis that is inflamed by bacterial and viral infections. Its very treatable and the course of tablets and creams I'm now on should control it and cure this flare-up in a matter of weeks. Then he would be keen to find out why and what caused this strong adverse reaction. My childhood of asthma suffering has come back to haunt me and my occasional hayfever sneezes are both linked to this problem but it will need a stint in hospital to get to the bottom of it with various tests. For the time being I will see how the treatment goes, will stay in Singapore for a few more days at least, re-visit the skin man on Monday and take it from there. A stint in a Singapore hospital will cost me a pretty penny - the consultation and medicine aren't exactly cheap - so whether I stay for tests to get to the root of the problem will need careful consideration. I could be allergic to a type of food (I hope its not chicken, that would be earth-shattering!) or something as obvious as a dislike of the sun, or it may've been brought on by stress. If anyone is interested, there's more about the condition here. Medical bulletin now over.


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