Sunday, March 15, 2009

First time in Cambodia

I've got a bee in my bonnet about films and documentaries that concentrate on Cambodia but haven't yet been shown here. There's been an explosion of films about Cambodia in recent years yet many have not been screened here for the general public, hence the reason why I arranged last night's Out of the Poison Tree screening at Meta House. It's an important film that gives Cambodians a voice about their own past, and with the Khmer Rouge trials about to begin in earnest, it was very timely and relevant. I was pleased with the size of the audience, all the seats were taken and the feedback on the film afterwards was very positive. I know Beth the director and Thida, the main subject, were very happy that their film was shown here and we now plan to show the film again in next month's Meta House programme. I took some screen captures including two of the most poignant moments in the film, where widow Lech Buon said she is still waiting for the return of her husband after 30 years, and 16-year old schoolgirl Davey Heng, who spoke so eloquently of her desires for justice. My thanks to Nico at Meta House for putting the film into the programme and I hope to get some more films shown there in future months.
Thida Buth Mam and her sisters return to Cambodia to find the truth
Schoolgirl Davey Heng who spoke so eloquently through a flood of tears
Widow Lech Buon is still waiting for her husband's return, 30 years on
Some of the audience at last night's first-ever screening here of Out of the Poison Tree



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