Saturday, March 14, 2009

Angkor's rival

Today's Cambodia Daily Weekend supplement cover featuring Banteay Chhmar
An article in today's The Cambodia Daily puts the focus onto the remote Angkorean temple complex of Banteay Chhmar in the northwest of the country. More on the 4-page article later, after I've been to watch the Hun Sen Cup semi-finals at the Olympic Stadium, as well as hosting the film Out of the Poison Tree at Meta House later tonight. Busy day.
Postscript: Anyway back to the article. The fact is that Banteay Chhmar is an incredible monument but it lies in virtual ruin. That will be the job of the restoration efforts of the government and the Global Heritage Fund to decide what to do - partial restoration, full restoration or leave it but make it safe. One comment in the article said that it would take 150 years to restore - not sure they'd get funding for a scheme that long! As it stands, GHF are beginning a restoration effort (since March of last year) on the third enclosure and one of the face towers, under the leadership of John Sanday, who spent many years restoring Preah Khan at Angkor. Another aim will be to have the temple added to the World Heritage List, as Preah Vihear was recently added. The article also alighted on the touchy subject of zoning and land concessions around the temple site and the effect on villagers, as well as the community-based tourism efforts being made in the area. Its interesting that up to 38 family homes are involved in their 'home stay' operation now, and in the last year, over 700 visitors used the facilities.



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