Friday, February 6, 2009

On my travels

Although I'm still in the throes of posting photos from my recent trip to Siem Reap just a couple of weeks ago, I'll be on the Mekong Express bus again tomorrow morning, winging my way back up north to Siem Reap for another wedding and a couple of days scooting around Angkor. My friends at the Victoria Angkor and Tara Angkor, two of the best hotels in Siem Reap, have offered me accommodation, so I can sample their delights first-hand. Life isn't all bad. The wedding is the sister-in-law of my best pal Rieng and the party is on Sunday. On Monday I might well be back on my bicycle for a trip along the full length of the walls of Angkor Thom, while on Tuesday there's a small chance of a very special look at Angkor, but I won't count my chickens on that score until the day arrives. Don't you love a mystery?



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