Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life saving music

News of a documentary in production about the life and work of musician Sonny Thet to be shown in next year's Berlin Film Festival, will be welcomed by his fans in his adopted country of Germany. Now 55, Thet returned to his place of birth, Cambodia, at the end of last year to complete the filming, having moved to Germany at the end of the '60s to study music. He graduated in cello and his eclectic style of mixing classic, rock, jazz and Khmer traditional sounds ensured his group, Bayon - named after the famous Angkor temple in his homeland - found a niche in the music market in his adopted country of East Germany. Thet's versatility is his strength and as well as producing his own recordings, he's taken part in numerous theatre, radio, film and television projects. He gives about 120 concerts a year and owes his life to his music, having avoided the excesses of the Khmer Rouge period, where his family were wiped out. "I was lucky to be able to leave Cambodia before Pol Pot came to power. When I'm feeling bad, I get out my cello and really play my heart out," he remarked. Find out more about his music here.



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