Saturday, February 14, 2009

Closing the page on Preah Pithu

Though indistinct, this is Vishnu on Garuda fighting Bana - I think - at Temple Y
In finally closing the chapter on my recent visit to the secluded Preah Pithu group of temples in Angkor Thom, there were two more to visit, Temples V and Y, with the first having little carving to speak of, whilst the latter was very different in style to the others but with some indistinct carving still in situ. On the ground, around all of the five shrines were pieces of sculpture that were worth inspecting, so if you do have a poke around Preah Pithu don't forget to inspect the many fallen stones, which you can easily overlook if you concentrate on just the shrines themselves. It's an easy mistake to make, especially if you have a restricted time-frame. Preah Pithu is worth a visit, for a slice of peace and quiet in an otherwise busy Angkor Thom area around the Bayon, it has some interesting carvings on show, especially the friezes of Buddhas in Temple X. It's also nice to have a temple to explore all on your own. Try it and see for yourself.
This is definitely Vishnu taking three strides across the world, with an orderly court scene below, in an unusual half pediment at Temple Y (#485)
The pale green lichen and time has weathered this pediment so I can't identify its message (at Temple Y). I feel like a failure.
The trees provide a background for Temple X, and a good example of the stone blocks strewn over the ground
The sun is shining on Temple V, pictured from the southwest corner
An almost perfect Naga head on the ground near Temple X
I can't be sure but this looks like a carving of my favourite minor god, Vishvakarma, usually seen on lintels, sat above a grinning kala. This is the guy who created the universe, so why they call him a minor god I'm not so sure. He's up there with the best of them in my book.

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