Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ream away day

I can't type much today as my eyes are really bad and they need to rest, so this is just a quick update from day 2 in S'ville. I managed my first visit to Ream National Park today, accompanied by Tim and my good friend Vy, who lives here and was on holiday from her job with the Sokha Beach Hotel. Paul, our friendly tuk-tuk driver - yes there are some here - took us to the park HQ for an intro and then we boarded our own boat for a two-hour ride past the mangrove swamps and onto Koh Sampoach Beach. En route we spotted a handful of white-bellied sea eagles and a couple of kingfishers, but no dolphins, but then we didn't reach the beach until noon and they usually appear early and late in the day. Gorgeous white sand and very secluded, we ate our lunch to the sound of the waves hitting the beach before a 3 kilometre hike through the forest to the fishing village of Andong Toeuk to reboard our boat, eventually getting back to S'ville by 4pm. A pleasant day all round though the sun was out and beating down hard so the boat could've done with a bit more cover. Right, I'm off to rest my eyes as they're killing me.


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