Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pulse posters

Steel Pulse headlining in Detroit in 1982
Don't stop me, I'm on a roll with the Steel Pulse posts. I just came across a couple of Steel Pulse posters from bygone years and as a sucker for the history of the band I have a duty to bring them to your attention. My unofficial website on the band has many such priceless artifacts waiting for you to peruse. Click on Steel Pulse On-Line for more of the same.
The top poster is from a concert by Steel Pulse on 20 August 1982 at the Grand Circus Theatre in Detroit, USA. The bottom poster shows the band as support artists for Herbie Hancock on 22 September 1984.
Supporting jazz legend Herbie Hancock in 1984
I've just finished watching the DVD Door of No Return which my brother brought over on his latest trip. It was essentially a chronicle of their visit to Senegal to play an Amnesty International concert in 1999 and a subsequent tour of the US. It included interviews with band members, lots of live concert footage and went with the band to the slave island of Goree. Directed by Michel Moreau, it has been in the can for a long time, so it was good to see band members like Donna Sterling and Grizzly Nisbett on camera, with Sylvia Tella prominent throughout and a timely reminder of the brilliance of lead guitarist Moonie Pusey. Pointedly, there were no interviews with Conrad Kelly or Alvin Ewen but members of the sound crew were given air-time!
To finish, below is a photo of the regular Steel Pulse band members around that time, though without Grizzly Nisbett or the two regular female singers, Donna Sterling and Sylvia Tella in the picture, it's hard to tell exactly when the photo was taken.
LtoR: Conrad Kelly, Moonie Pusey, Sid Mills, David Hinds, Alvin Ewen, Selwyn Brown


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