Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pidan at Reyum

As I missed the Pidan exhibition opening earlier this week at the Reyum Gallery , whilst I was in the area this morning I paid a visit with Sophoin to find out a bit more about pidan, something which I was totally unaware of until recently. It's actually a piece of cloth that is traditionally hung above statues of the Buddha, so for years I've been visiting pagodas around the country and was oblivious to an artform in front of me, but which I didn't even notice! It can be made from different types of cloth of different colours, sizes and design but the best pidan is made from silk and is beautifully patterned, much of it coming from the old hol pidan silk-weavers of Takeo. The pidan exhibition at Reyum has some beautifully patterned pieces on show, information on how it is produced and a book has been published by Reyum and the Japanese-led Pidan Project Team to document this vanishing art.
Sophoin spots her favourite piece of pidan
The walls of Reyum are lined with examples of multi-coloured pidan
This busy scene has a variety of colourful characters included in its story
This is easy to spot, its Hanuman with Angkor also represented
This is part of the story of Prince Vessantara from the life story of Buddha
Elephants and temples feature heavily on this example of the pidan artform


Blogger MAC said...

Hello, What a great exhibition of pidan! I am a collector of textiles and have a number of pieces from Cambodia. I recently aquired a pidan from England with writing on it. If I send you a photo could someone translate the writing for me? Are the pidan at the Reyum Institute for sale? Sure would like to buy a couple of them. Hope the revival is a success and more of these beautiful textiles continue to be produced. Best regards, Darrell Serizawa

November 27, 2012 at 3:27 PM  

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