Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not a happy bunny

Maybe Sihanoukville wasn't such a great idea afterall. It's full of half-naked tourists, many of them unwashed, annoying tuk-tuk drivers and the weather is far too hot for my liking. My eyes are really playing up now and lunch at Mick & Craig's wasn't up to scratch either. So far it's all going pretty badly. I'm with my brother Tim, who's over here for a couple of weeks' rest and relaxation and we've already sampled the delights of Kep and Kampot, so S'ville seemed the most obvious choice, even though I'm not a beach-lover by any stretch of the imagination. Dipping my toe into Ream National Park looks likely tomorrow with a trip to one of the islands on the cards for Friday and then back to town on Saturday or Sunday. Perhaps the strangest thing to happen to us so far was on our visit to Tek Chhou Zoo a couple of days ago. When we arrived at the monkey cage, one of the long-tailed macaques started to furiously masturbate himself (I didn't realise we were that good-looking!) and then whilst photographing the maned-male lion, he turned around and aimed a stream of piss at Tim. Welcome to a zoo in Cambodia!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like all the pictures XD

April 28, 2009 at 5:09 PM  

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