Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More smiling

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the launch of the SMILE photography exhibition at Gasolina in BKK1 at the end of last month but the exhibits will remain in situ until later this month, so still lots of time for me, and you, to get along and have a look at this remarkable photography project where all the pictures on show were taken by children who'd never used a camera in their lives before. You can read all about the project and the results in Michelle's blog here. The children also got to visit the Royal Palace for an audience with the King and Michelle talks us through the experience, which was shown on local tv. Well done to HRH for taking an interest. Not trying to decry the television appearance but it doesn't take much to get on tv here. I apparently appeared twice in recent weeks and was seen by Khmer friends; as an interested bystander at the Municipal Court for the Christopher Howes murder trial - the footage was also shown on CNN - and at the launch of the Mekong Discovery Trail booklet. Usually anything with the hint of officialdom gets covered by the local tv channels here like CTN or Apsara, and if barangs are in the picture, even better.


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