Friday, November 14, 2008

Goodbye S'ville

Our plans changed this morning when I got a call from microlight pilot Eddie offering Tim and I a lift to tour the area north of Sihanoukville - unfortunately it was in his car not his microlight! However, it was too good an opportunity to pass up, so we didn't, pass it up I mean. So today was spent with nice guy Eddie, his camry and the people of Stung Hau, a fishing village 25kms north of S'ville and the Khmer families enjoying a dip in the waterfalls of Kbal Chhay. The latter was on our return trip via Highway 4 and the waterfalls were much better than I expected. Often Khmers give the term waterfall to locations that are no more than cascades or rapids but Kbal Chhay deserves the waterfall title. There was a lot of water and a fair few families taking a dip fully clothed at the various levels of the falls, which are spread out over a large area, where at least two rivers converge together. We all know the Khmers love water and so Kbal Chhay certainly ticks that box. On our return to S'ville, we called into the Independence Hotel for a looksee and were treated to a seafood sunset dinner by the general manager, as the sky turned a lovely bloody red colour in the distance. A nice way to end my stay on the south coast as I will catch the bus back to Phnom Penh early in the morning. My eyes have really not enjoyed this trip to the seaside so a return visit to the doctor is on the cards for tomorrow afternoon. Wish me well.


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