Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unguarded moments

Anyone got the instructions for this camera? Incompetent photographer on Phnom Banan
Some of my favourite photos are when you get snapped and you're not expecting it. Here's a couple of photos by one of my colleagues, Thoeun, from our weekend trip to the northwest of Cambodia. In the top picture, I'm struggling to work out how to use someone's digital camera - my excuse is that I'm still new to this digital game - surrounded by the small army of guides that accompanied our party on our visit to Phnom Banan, just outside Battambang. In the photo below, I'm stuffing my face at our picnic inside the temple walls of Banteay Chhmar, whilst Roth next to me favours sign language rather than the food.
I'm snapped in an unguarded moment of stuffing my face with food at Banteay Chhmar


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